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In 2020, Newdelz LLC donated a significant portion or net revenues to multiple charities in different states. Giving back is not just something we do, it’s an underlying core value of the company. The primary focus of 2020 and into 2021 is feeding people, especially children, who are food deficient. In today’s game of extraordinary corporate profits and wealth creation into the billions, no-one should be starving in America.

What a full belly does:

The basic human needs are food, water, clothing and shelter. When people are hungry, it is an all consuming focus. The reason people have been able to grow from savages to the creators of modern marvels, art, and everything we see around us, is lack of hunger in the belly. 

Hunger, then gets applied to other areas of ones life past food. Being fed creates opportunity for individuals and communities as a whole to focus on growing, building, creating, education and helping the next in line.

Hope is Here:

Our goal is to dominate, donate, dominate, donate. These are some of the exceptional groups we have partnered with to provide corporate sponsorship for education and comprehensive care for the less fortunate. One day, the recipients will be the educated leaders and skilled labor force typing these words.

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