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What We Do...

Look over the horizon to See what’s next

Newdelz high traffic platforms provide users with an abundance of rich content, direction, information, education and business locations thru our directory services. 

User driven interfaces and overall user experience take your business direct to the consumer to the next level.

HQ in Tampa Bay

Newdelz in St. Petersburg, FL

Following in the footsteps of Silicone Valley and Austin, Tampa Bay is becoming one of the hottest places for start ups. 

Newdelz LLC is at the center of the tech wave happening in Tampa Bay.

The Bay area attracts skilled, talented people that gravitate to become part of this growing IT sector.

Aim For The Bullseye

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Whether your a large, established business or a single location that needs a boost online, we can help. Please contact us so we can discuss strategies specific to your companies needs.

Join Our Team

Current Employment Opportunities

As a fast growing technology company in the Tampa Bay area, we have new openings in different departments on a regular basis. We look for:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Coders
  • Copywriters
  • Customer Service
  • Sales

Qualifications Include:

  • People Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • WordPress Development
  • Sales Experience
  • JAVA, CSS, PHP, and HTML Coding Experience

Enthusiastic, talented individuals with a team mentality are welcome on our growing team. Focused effort, good time management, critical thinking and creativity are welcomed skill sets. New hires tend to have proven track records in these areas as well as the ability to drive projects through completion.

For the opportunity to work with us, please send us your resume here.

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